Stupifying smart city

Jeudi 16 mai, 12h15, 3e session : Complexity and Expulsion

Richard Sennett, professeur à la London School of Economics et à l’Université de New-York.

The cities everyone wants to live in should be clean and safe, possess efficient public services, be supported by a dynamic economy, provide cultural stimulation, and also do their best to heal society’s divisions of race, class, and ethnicity.  These are not the cities we live in.

Cities fail on all these counts due to government policies, irreparable social ills, and economic forces beyond local control.  The city is not its own master.  Still, something has gone wrong, radically wrong, in our conception of what a city itself should be.  Perhaps those nice words — clean, safe, efficient, dynamic – are not enough in themselves to confront critically our masters.

We should look at the city in a more embracing way.  Currently, we make cities into closed systems.  To make them better, we should make them into open systems.  We need to applying ideas about open systems currently animating the sciences to animate our understanding of the city.

New-York par Stuart Sevastos

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